Myrtle Beach Indoor Shooting Range
Myrtle Beach Indoor Shooting Range
Gunsmithing by Al McGinn

Al McGinn Gunsmithing features
custom rifle, pistol, and handgun work.  Refurbishing of worn or damaged
shooting equipment is an on-going practice at Al McGinn Gunsmithing. 
Restocking of rifles and shotguns, repairing and restoring damaged stocks and
forends, replacing or repairing damaged parts and metal surfaces, scope
mounting and sight installation and alignment, firing in of all firearms for
proper sight arrangement, and metallic surface replenishment.  Al McGinn
Gunsmithing is one of the few that still offer Hot Bluing services. 
Beginning with matte finishes and continuing through mirror finishes, the
skillful work accomplished maintains the legibility of stampings and metal
impressions without feathering and is second to none in the beauty of the finished
product.   Al McGinn Gunsmithing does not limit work to just modern
firearms but accords the same meticulous attention to detail on antique and
collectible weapons and firearms; whether it be that old flintlock your
great-granddaddy left unattended in his old barn or the 1840 cavalry saber that
he carried at Bull Run...

So, contact Al McGinn Gunsmithing at Myrtle Beach Indoor Shooting Range by
calling 843 457 5131 or 843 293 4344.