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Guns of the Pee Dee is a fantastic spell-binding tale woven between a group of Civil War hobbyists searching for a sunken Confederate warship and the last days of a Confederate Naval Unit in South Carolina at the end of the American Civil War. The title gives the reader a clue...The missing cannons from the Confederate Warship have puzzled the U.S. Navy, archaeologists, and historians for over a century as to their whereabouts. Finally the guns have been found by the CSS Pee Dee Research and Recovery Team. 'Guns of the Pee Dee' takes the reader along on the exploratory search along the banks of South Carolina's legendary Great Pee Dee River and into its dark, swirling, and muddy waters with the intrepid divers of the CSS Peedee Research and Recovery Team as they search the river's bottom for the missing ordnance of the Confederate States Navy's vessel CSS Peedee. 'Guns of the Pee Dee' is an historical adventure. The reader experiences the building and launching of one of the Confederate Navy's warships that is destined to escape to sea and join the ranks of the CSS Alabama and the CSS Shenandoah. The war ends badly for the Confederacy and the ship CSS Peedee. But 150 years later history comes to life with the search for the missing vessel and her guns. History awaits, adventure is in the next page...and the next...until the quest reaches its conclusion. It's a page burner. Don your mask, put on your gear, and step back into time along with the members of the CSS Peedee Research and Recovery Team....the Quest begins.

Terror grips a small southern community as a predator not seen for centuries appears from the mysterious reaches of a blackwater swamp. A game warden and a biologist team up to stop the killer's depredations. In a swift paced narrative, author Ted Gragg delivers a hard driving and engrossing story of modern man's encounters with wildlife displaced by urban sprawl. One wonders what lurks in one's very own backyard.

The books "Puma" and "Guns of the PeeDee"  can be purchased from and various other on-line book stores as well as your local museums and book stores.