Myrtle Beach Indoor Shooting Range
The Pee Dee Project

Ted Gragg, CSPDRRT, Jim Spirek,SCIAA, and Ashley
Schryer, SCIAA heading to the gunboat Pedee dive site, 
July, 2010. 

South Carolina Institute of Anthropology and Archaeology
members Chris Amer and Joe Beatty assisting divers Bob Butler 
of the Pedee Recovery Team and Jim Spirek, SCIAA, in recording 
of 7" Brooke Rifle location, July 2010.

South Carolina Anthropology and Archaeology team along with the
 Pee Dee Research and Recovery Team during the final effort to locate
 the 7" Brooke Rifle off the bow of the CSS Pedee.

Connie and Ted Gragg, members of the CSS Pedee
 Research and Recovery Team, plotting map coordinates
 and artifact ledgers on the dive site on the Great Pee Dee River,
 August 1999.