Myrtle Beach Indoor Shooting Range
  Myrtle Beach Indoor Shooting Range
Al McGinn, a master gunsmith, heads our Gunsmithing Department. We specialize in hot blueing of all firearms and Prussian blueing of early side by side shotguns. We offer color case hardening, custom competitive firearms upgrades, general gunsmithing, stock refinishing, scope mounting, actual shooting in of firearms for that perfect zero, choke and muzzle brake installation, trigger and action work, and sight installation . To send your firearm to us for repair, Click Here Please be sure to include detailed instructions of work requested and a return address and a telephone number.




                                                     The Shooting Range



Our shooting range was designed by Ted L. Gragg, the National Rifle Association Range Technical Officer for South Carolina. Range rates are $ 4.95 per half hour per shooter. Eye and ear protection is required.   There are no additional charges for cleanup of spent cartridge cases and shooters may recover their own cases that fall on the shooter’s side of the firing line. Targets, ammunition, eye and ear protection, firearms, and firearms accessories are available for purchase within our modern showroom. Catering of special events and groups at the range is available.  Please contact us for party quotations.

FADS Shooting Simulators  $7.50 per 1/2 hr


Range hours are from 0900 until 2000 Monday through Saturday.